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Expires 30/04/2020

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Welcome to Cyclox - Joining or renewing membership

By becoming a member, as well as supporting Cyclox in its campaigning work on your behalf, you also benefit by discounts at our local bike shops and receive our regular(ish) email newsletter with information about our activities, New members get a free Oxford cycle map, notepad, slapband (stocks running low so not likely to continue after 2018) and mudguard stickers.

Membermojo provides our secure method of paying the annual subscriptions. Please email us if you have any problems using the site. membership@cyclox.org

Below we provide you with details to set up a standing order or send a cheque to join or renew your membership of Cyclox.

Alternatively we can process PayPal payment

Membership runs from April to April the next year.

For new members joining February - April your membership covers the following year as well as the remaining months of the current year. This isn't always clear on all forms but is always the case.

Thank you for your support for Cyclox - please encourage others to join.



Cyclox Membership Secretary

February 2019