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Expires 31/12/2020

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Welcome to Careers Springboard West Berkshire

Looking for a job? Need some help and support? Then Careers Springboard West Berkshire (CSWB) can help.

CSWB is a self-help group supporting out-of-work professionals, executives and managers in the West Berkshire area who are seeking employment. Since 2006 it has been a volunteer-led organisation. We offer a range of services to job seekers:

  • Weekly meetings - workshops on Wednesdays 1.45pm - 4pm at Broadway House covering a wide range of job search topics: planning your job search, making your CV have impact, responding to adverts, networking, LinkedIn, direct approaches, telephone interview practice etc.
  • Weekly emails - notes from the previous week's workshop, other job seeker news
  • Individual guidance - 1-on-1 support from one of our volunteers, e.g. help with your CV, discussing your career options
  • Handouts and guides - on the main topics to help you get a job, e.g. career review, getting started, networking
  • Checklists - for adverts, 101 action words for CVs, starting your own business, interviews  
  • etc. etc.

All these services are free. To join, please apply by clicking the Join Us button above. Your application will then be reviewed and acknowledged. You will have fully joined once you attend your first meeting.

For further information, visit our website - www.careerswestberks.org.uk - where you can download the current meetings programme.

If you have any questions before joining, please feel free to email us at enquiries@careerswestberks.org.uk or telephone David on 01635 254151.