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If you are using membermojo to print and deliver cards only see our shorter Getting Started to Print Cards introduction.

Getting started

If you have not done so already read the Tour pages for an overview of the features on offer.

For administrators membermojo can be thought of as two parts, each with their own starting page - Settings and Members.


Settings allows you to configure membermojo for your organisation. You can customise the memberships on offer, your logo or the contents of a welcome email. Once set up you will rarely revisit this section.

We recommend you visit each page under Settings to familiarise yourself, but if short of time you will need:


The Members section provides functions for managing your membership. This is where you'll find everything related to members, their payments and activities. This is the page you'll visit most frequently during normal use.

To import existing members see Importing Members.

First time use

After registering a new organisation your name and email will have been used to create the first member in your organisation. This member will have been set up as an administrator with an example 'Adult' membership.

Once you have set up your organisation you will need to revisit and update your member record.

Going Live

Your service is not open to members until you complete basic configuration and visit the Make Live page.

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