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Family (2 x sen’, free U18s, cond’s apply)

Expires 31/12/2024

Membership requires approval

Cotswold Clarion Cycling Club

'Fellowship is Life'

We are based in the Cotswolds, cycling mainly in the South of the Cotswolds and we are a section of the National Clarion Cycling Club.

We were formed in March 2018 and our membership is largely made up of cyclists living either side of the North Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire border.  We're ideally placed to enjoy some great cycling, whether it be the flat roads around the Cotswold Water Park; the undulating Cotswolds themselves; or the steep ascents around the Stroud Valleys.  Whilst weekly weekend and midweek club rides (no drop) are very much a core activity, cycling in Audax events also features strongly. 

Rides generally start in either the Tetbury or Malmesbury areas and are very sociable affairs, usually with a quality cafe stop!  A typical summer ride will between 40-60 miles, with a moving av. speed of around 13-15 mph.  Rides are posted each week on our club Strava page and on our club WhatsApp, where riders are encouraged to sign up in advance.

We are an inclusive organisation and prospective new members are entitled to ride as guests for three rides before deciding if they wish to apply to join.

The club has a wealth of experience and always makes sure that our new riders are given a warm welcome and looked after.  We pride ourselves in riding in a disciplined and safe manner and respect our fellow road users. For example we acknowledge cars that wait and pass us safely; we single file when safe and appropriate to do so. We also slow down for horses and chat to them as we pass, so that we don’t startle them.


Benefits of riding with Cotswold Clarion Cycling Club

  • Regular club runs.
  • Meet, ride & socialise with like-minded people.
  • Improve your cycling by joining other enthusiasts and share free advice from their (and your) collective experience.
  • Enjoy your cycling more, in a group environment and widen your cycling horizons.
  • All of our rides are designed to cater for all of our members and future members needs.
  • Membership of National Clarion.
  • Third Party Insurance.
  • A WhatsApp page for cycling related chat.


As a National Clarion Section we offer

  • Free Third Party Liability Insurance.
  • Accident Assistance and Legal Support.
  • Cycle with fellow Clarion members throughout the UK
  • 30 Sections Across the UK and Europe 
  • Award winning Boots & Spurs Cycling magazine delivered to your door twice a year
  • Rides and Events – a friendly welcome at rides around the country
  • Annual Easter Meet
  • Annual Autumn Meet
  • Access to National Clarion Championship Races, track, road, time trial, hill climb, cyclo-cross.
  • Season-long National Clarion points competition (from your best results from our championship events)
  • Clarion Cyclists Welcome Clarion Friendly Venues
  • Access to buy National Clarion Cycling Club kit
  • 12.5% discount at Cotswold Outdoor
  • 12.5% discount at Snow and Rock
  • 12.5% discount at Runners Needs
  • 10% discount at Cycle Surgery (discount code on MShip Card)
  • 15% discount at Lusso Bike (discount code on MShip Card)
  • 10% discount at InMotion Products

Thankyou for your interest and we look forward to meeting you for a ride              


For more information, please contact Peter Love, our Membership Secretary on: 07771 870086


Email: cotswoldclarioncc@gmail.com