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Payment: PayPal or card.


Firstly, a massive thank you for showing interest in being a member. By joining us or renewing your membership, you're helping to preserve and support our club, YOUR club.

Below you’ll find a bit more info on membership and our structure, if you’ve got any questions - get in touch!


The membership will run for one year from the date of payment and can be renewed annually.

Members can decide which rate is appropriate for them:

Concession: £5
Waged: £10
Solidarity: £20 (or more!)

Please note whatever rate you choose, you only have one share. All members are equal regardless of what they pay. 


Signing up for membership gives you an equal and vital say in what happens with our club. Whether you sign up for £5, or donate £1,000 - you are entitled to one vote and one vote only.

£1 from your first year’s membership will be for a share in the club. 

Members badge and card

Each season you'll receive a members card and a badge. 

Meetings/online votes/news

We want to be as transparent as possible and keep everyone up to speed with regular updates. There will be plenty of opportunities to put forward ideas and give any feedback on what is going on in the club.

Part of the structure that we have means that members make the big decisions with one equal vote each. From time to time you will receive emails asking you to vote on certain issues online, invitations to General and Annual General Meetings, and all the latest news from our club.

Some of the decisions that we've put to a special vote of the membership have been the choice of home kit and away kit and to pay for the changing rooms at our Old Spotted Dog Ground home.

You may also wish to be on one or more of our committees, taking part in discussions about specific areas more regularly and helping to run the club on a day to day basis. Keep reading below for more information.

We have adopted an Accountability Agreement that sets out our values in detail. Please take the time to read it here.


info@claptoncfc.co.uk - membership@claptoncfc.co.uk - https://claptoncfc.co.uk - https://twitter.com/claptoncfc - https://www.facebook.com/claptoncfc/ - https://www.instagram.com/claptoncfc