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New member (pending assessment)


For new member applications, payment is only required after successful assessment.

We will be in touch soon with your closest assessor.
Thank you for your interest in joining us.

Here you can join us or renew your Canine Concern membership.


  • For all new memberships, please do not pay before being assessed.
  • Please choose the new member (pending assessment) category.
  • Once you have had a successful assessment, please return to the application form, choose the correct membership category, and pay the donation request (either by bank transfer or by cheque).
  • Filling in the form does not instigate payment – payment has to be completed offline. 

Upon joining us as a valued volunteer you will receive an identification badge to wear during your visits. There are Canine Concern branded polo shirts and fleeces available for you and leads, collars, bandanas or vests for your dog. You do not have to purchase any of these, but it is nice to look part of the team.

Our membership donation fees are kept as low as possible to allow everyone to join. As a member we appreciate that you are giving your time to the charity freely and donating extra to us is not part of the membership requirements, however if you feel that you are able to support us further there is a donation section that you may go to.

The annual membership donation goes towards your insurance which covers your dog up to £10,000,000 against third party claims for any accidental damage or injury caused. This is renewed annually.

If you do not wish to volunteer but would still like to support us, please join as a supporter. You will receive a quarterly newsletter, keeping you up to date with our work. You do not need to own a dog and would be welcome to help out with any of our events or talks.