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Broadland Clarion Cycling Club


Broadland Clarion Cycling Club is based in the area of the Norfolk Broads surrounding Reedham and is a section of the National Clarion Cycling Club

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Why Join the Broadland Clarion Cycling Club?

We are a group of social and Audax cyclists who enjoy riding in North Suffolk and the Broads.We normally start our rides from Reedham Ferry or from the railway station in Reedham. Sometimes riders from further afield join us in Acle, Loddon or Beccles depending on the day's route.

Here are some of the benefits of joining the Broadland Clarion Cycling Club:

  • Monthly club runs of  c. 40-60 miles at 10-12 mph average, usually with a cafe stop and /or lunch stop
  • We start together and finish together, no one gets left behind 
  • Meet, ride & socialise with like-minded people. 
  • Improve your cycling by joining other enthusiasts and share free advice from their (and your) collective experience.
  • Enjoy your cycling more, in a group environment and widen your cycling horizons.

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And as part of the National Clarion you will get access to:




In addition to social rides we supprt local Audax events in Norfolk and Suffolk, riding them as a group.

We welcome new riders of all abilities and will help them build up to longer distance riding. We pride ourselves in riding in a disciplined and safe manner and respect our fellow road users. For example we acknowledge cars that wait and pass us safely, we single file when safe and appropriate to do so. We also slow down for horses and chat to them as we pass, so that we don’t startle them.