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Expires 31/03/2022


Welcome to the British Bulldogs Paramotor Club Joining Site

You will be the first batch of new members joining the club whom will define the clubs identity, sense of community and coaching culture and we are very much looking forward to having you on board. This online membership platform is new to us to and hope you don't mind being a guineepig (So please give us a bit of leeway if it ends up being a ball ache).

Do I have to own a particular brand of paramotor?

Of course not! All machines are welcome! 

What do I need to join?

  • Active BHPA membership
  • Wingland Airfield membership (Annual or Day membership)
  • BHPA power rating (Club Pilot or Pilot)
  • Good airmanship
  • Have read and agree to abide by club and airfield flying orders

BBPMC Flying orders: https://britishbulldogsparamotorclub.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/bbpmc-fobfinal-april-2020.pdf

Wingland Flying Order: https://winglandairfield.files.wordpress.com/2020/04/wingland-airfield-flying-order-final-draft-21april2020-1.pdf

Do I have to own a particular brand of paramotor?

Of course not! All machines are welcome! 

How much will it cost me?

Firstly,  British Bulldogs is a not-for-profit organisation. So rest assurred, money will go in to the club and not go towards the treasurer's holiday fund. With the club in it's infancy we havn't yet fully established what costs the club will take on and have based membership rates on those charged by similar clubs. 

We have based membership rates as £20 per annum (pro-ratererd based on membership joining time) based on other clubs but will review annually to ensure members are gettng the best out of their money. There is an initial joining fee of £5, designed to contribute to merchandise and electronic payment charges.

The treasurer will review fees later on in the year and ensure members are getting the best experiance out of the fees they have paid.

Will I get any free merchandise?

Yep, a free BBPMC T-shirt, at signup, you can enter the size.

I don't have a BHPA rating? Can I join?

Afraid not, the BHPA require either a club pilot (power) or pilot rating (power) to be a member of a BHPA recognised club. It's about ensuring you have met a standard with your flying such they grant you their highy cost effective insurance and have some knowledge of the legal or safe yays or neys to what you can or cannot do. 

Have a look on the BHPA website for schools near you. Ufly4fun is a school that operates at wingland airfield that has been known to offer accellerated fast track roots to obtain club pilot rating for experianced pilots in addition to BHPA power rating curriculum courses.