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Family (2 x senior + 1 Junior, conditions apply)

Family (2 x senior + 2 Juniors, conditions apply)

Family (2 x senior + 3, or more, Juniors, conditions apply)

Expires 31/12/2024

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Bolton Clarion Cycling Club


Bolton Clarion Cycling Club is based in Bolton, Lancashire and is a section of the National Clarion Cycling Club

Why Join Bolton Clarion Cycling Club?

We organise rides and events for enthusiastic cyclists in and around the North West of England and also further afield for weekends or on the continent for longer periods.

Here are some of the benefits of joining Bolton Clarion Cycling Club:

  • Regular club runs; A-rides (c.50-100 miles at 14/15mph) and B-rides (c.30-60 miles at 11/12mph).
  • Meet, ride & socialise with like-minded people.
  • Improve your cycling by joining other enthusiasts and share free advice from their (and your) collective experiences.
  • Enjoy your cycling more, in a group environment and widen your cycling horizons.
  • We also have monthly club-nights for members, or prospective members, to meet informally for a chat.

And as part of the National Clarion you will get access to:

Where and when we meet for rides:

We meet-up adjacent to Bolton Town Hall, every Sunday at (8:30 am sping/summer) or (9:00 am autumn/winter) for various rides to different destinations. The distances of our 'A' rides tends to be lower in winter, gradually increasing through spring, peaking in summer & reducing again in autumn, but we do adjust these depending on the weather conditions; Our 'B' rides cater for riders who don't wish to ride as far or as fast and can be useful for new-members who feel unsure how they will cope.

The club has a wealth of experience and always makes sure that our new riders are looked after on their first few rides. We pride ourselves in riding in a disciplined and safe manner and respect our fellow road users. For example we acknowledge cars that wait and pass us safely, we single file when safe and appropriate to do so. We also slow down for horses and often chat to them as we pass, so that we don’t startle them.