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Social (Non-Running)

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Membership runs from 1st October until 30th September

1 Joining fee applies £15

Expires 30/09/2025

Membership requires approval

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Welcome to Blackburn Road Runners'

Club Membership Page

Blackburn Road Runners is an active, friendly club made up of runners with a wide range of ages and abilities. The club was originally founded in 1986 and currently has around 300 members.

The main aim of our club is the promotion of running in the Blackburn area, whether it be for competition or just to keep fit and active. We offer mentoring, companionship, encouragement and advice to all runners at any level.  We have different paced groups and as long as you can run at least 5k non-stop at any pace you’ll be fine joining us!

We cater for individuals who are looking to improve their general fitness or participate and compete in road running, cross-country & trail running, fell & hill running and relay races - from 5k to ultramarathon distance. Our social activities are superb and the envy of other clubs.

Blackburn Road Runners is affiliated with England Athletics, a member of UKA (UK Athletics).  In order that a runner can train with an athletic club, and ultimately compete for them, they must be a Member of that club.

Full 1st Claim Membership is open to person(s) who are amateurs as defined by England Athletics and are aged 18 years and over.

Non-members/prospective members are able to attend Club runs for a limited period, following which an application for membership must be completed and subscriptions paid.  For membership to be approved, prospective members must attend at least four (4) Club runs within two (2) months to become familiarised with the club and its members.

Types of Club Membership Available

  • Full 1st Claim Membership - for full participating running members
  • 2nd Claim (Non-Local) Membership - for members of other UKA Running Clubs who generally reside outside our locality
  • Social Membership - for non-running members (such as family and friends)
  • Overseas (Non-UK) Membership - for new or former members residing outside the UK and not participating in UKA affiliated races representing the club

Whilst 2nd Claim and Overseas members are not entitled to compete for our annual Club Championship, they are more than welcome to join BRR training sessions and attend our organised social events when visiting.

Membership fees are shown on the right, these are reviewed each year at the Club's Annual General Meeting (AGM).  There is an initial joining fee applicable to new or returning Full 1st Claim members (not renewals) to cover the current year's UKA affiliation fee and initial setup costs.   The following year's UKA affiliation fee is included in the cost of Full membership. The Club's Membership Year runs from 1st October until 30th September, however any new members joining after 1st April will have their renewal date set to September the following year.

As there is no UKA affiliation required for 2nd Claim, Overseas or Social membership, there is a reduced fee.  Many Social Members have an invaluable role within the club, supporting our runners at race events as well as marshalling.

For more information or any questions on Membership (especially if applying for 2nd Claim), please contact our Club Membership Secretary in the first instance, details are on the right.

Important Notes

In applying for Club Membership you:-

  • confirm that you are eligible to compete under England Athletics Rules (1st Claim);
  • agree to adhere to the Club's Member Code of Conduct (which is included in our

To comply with government legislation regarding data called “The General Data Protection regulations (GDPR)”, Blackburn Road Runners are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy in line with our Club GDPR Policy (available online via the Members Zone of the Club Website - http://www.blackburnroadrunners.net/members-zone).