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Little Friends Farm and Barn Regular Card

Expires 28/02/2021

The FARM AND BARN Regulars' Discount Scheme

We're sorry, with tight capacity and uncertain times we aren't taking new members at the moment, nor renewals at the moment. 

Instead, we are introducing Regulars' Cards. These cards have a fixed expiry date and a fixed joining fee of £5 (regardless of when you join during the period). The first expiry date is the end of February 2021. These cards can be purchased online, ahead of visiting.

The card offers several midweek, term-time benefits ... reduced entry on each visit and the ability to "walk-in", without booking (except on Fridays), to the farm and barn, paying at the door.

The first card that's available is a Little Friends card, which can be purchased for children under 48 months (age at the time of joining). It expires end of February 2021. For first time joiners, we will require verification of your child's date of birth (in the form of a photo on your phone of birth certificate date or similar)

The Discounts: Midweek, term-time entry to the farm is £5 each for the child and an accompanying adult. This is approximately 50% off standard entry. Similarly, midweek, term-time child entry to the play barn is £5 which is about 30% off, depending on the time you visit. (Adult entry to the play barn is free). This will also entitle you to claim for other discounts in the play barn, such as the After School Meal Deal and the Early Bird Weekend Breakfast Offer. There's no need to book except on Fridays (if you plan to come on a Friday, let us know, ideally via Facebook messenger, and we'll confirm your entry. You will need to show your card (either digital or printed version) on the day.

Please note, the discounted farm entry does not include the £2 gift voucher for the shop that full price paying children currently get given when entering the farm.

Child under 12 months? This same card can also be purchased for children under 12 months and while your child is still under 12 months, you can use it to gain adult entry for £5 to the farm. Your child enters free unless you elect to pay the £5 if you want them to participate in the activities. Once your child passes 12 months, then the standard £5 entry will apply to them. For the play barn, the normal admission applies, £2 or free if accompanying a paying child. The only reason to purchase this card at this age is to gain that reduced price entry for the adults ... still worth it though as it pays back in after one visit.