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Little Friends Farm and Barn Regular Card

The FARM and PLAY BARN Regulars' Discount Scheme - LITTLE FRIENDS

We're sorry but with tight capacity and uncertain times we aren't taking new members nor renewals at the moment for the farm nor the play barn. This situation is likely to persist for the remainder of 2021. 

Instead, we are now offering an annual off-peak (school time) regulars' card called Little Friends. These cards last 12 months and have a joining fee of £30. These cards can be purchased online, ahead of visiting.

JOIN NOW guarantee; if you join ahead of us opening we will reset your 12 months from the date the farm reopens. 

The card offers several midweek (Monday to Friday), term-time benefits ... reduced entry on each visit and the ability to "walk-in", without booking to the farm and barn. You just pay the reduced rate on arrival and register your details for track and trace before entering.

This card is for pre-school children (generally under 48 months at the time of joining). 

Cost of entry using your card. Applies Midweek (Monday to Friday), term time for the member child and one accompanying adult:

JUST Farm: £7  for the child member and £6 for an accompanying adult. Standard farm midweek entry is £10.95 + and £9.95 per adult. 

Combi-Entry (farm + playbarn): £10 for the child member and £6 for the accompanying adult. Standard combi midweek entry is £13.95 and £9.95 per adult. 

JUST Play Barn: £5 for the child member and free for the adult. Standard play barn midweek entry is £6.50 - £8.50 per child

If you have a less than 12 months baby as well as your Little Friend member, then the baby can enter for free when accompanied by the paying Little Friend.

You don't book entry if you hold one of these cards.


The card is off-peak so is not applicable at the weekend nor in school holidays (we follow Birmingham school dates)

The discounted farm entry does not include the £2 gift voucher for the shop that full price paying children currently get given when entering the farm.

The entry does not include additional chargeable events should they be running at an off-peak time.

Any discounts that are on offer for food e.g. after school meal deal in the play barn can be accessed using this card; however this card does not offer a discount on our standard food prices.