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Age 9 to 10 2

Age 11 to 19 2

Age 20 to 59

Over 60, unwaged or FULL-TIME student

Life members, coaches and volunteers wishing to COMPETE 1,2

Life members, coaches and volunteers NOT wishing to compete 2

University student living away from home - first claim (without another club) 2

University student living away from home - second claim (normally competes for another club) 2

Other second claim athlete (an athlete who normally competes for another club)

1 New member rate, renewal £14

2 Membership requires approval

Expires 31/12/2021

Welcome to Brighton and Hove Athletic Club Membership Sign Up

Please sign up to the club using the Paypal system on the right hand side. You can pay from your Paypal account or by card.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are under 16, please don't attempt to join unless you have spoken to a coach or official at the club. 

The rates of membership are shown. These include the fee, where applicable, that England Athletics charges (£15 for 2021) for athletes to be affiliated and therefore eligible to compete in certain competitions. It is club policy that all club athletes are affiliated. For 2021 only, renewing members are charged a lower fee as annotated.

You must be a current member to compete for the club, otherwise you may be disqualified from competition.

Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December and must be renewed each year on or near 1st January. Age is at start of membership year (so age on 1st January 2021 currently).

In your first year only, if you join after 1st November you will pay the fee for the following year but will get November and December of this year free of charge.

When renewing membership, please ensure you apply for the correct category of membership (for instance your age might now be in a different category)

If you are a coach or an official volunteer with the club (or a life member) please sign up so we have your details but there is no charge to join the club. If you also wish to compete, the England Athletics fee is still payable. (Membership requests in these categories require approval from the membership secretary)