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Adult (18-64) - All Inclusive (incl. extra £10)

Senior (65 & over)- All Inclusive (incl. extra £10)

Junior (Under 18) - All Inclusive (incl. extra £10)

Adult (18-64) - PAYG (incl. extra £10)

Senior (65 & over)- PAYG (incl. extra £10)

Junior (Under 18) - PAYG (incl. extra £10)

Membership requires approval

Joining fee applies £10

Expires 31/01/2019

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Welcome to Bisley Field Target Organisation


Please choose from a membership plan on the right to renew your membership or apply to join the BFTO.

The BFTO offers two main membership schemes, All Inclusive and PAYG (Pay As You Go) for 3 different age ranges:

  • Junior = Under 18 years old
  • Adult = 18-64 years old
  • Senior = 65 & over

With All Inclusive membership's you pay one fee for the year and that is it. With PAYG memberships you pay the initial fee and then a separate range fee every time you visit the BFTO ranges. This range fee is £1 for adults and £0.50 for Juniors and Seniors.

Currently, the BFTO is adding an additional £10 to all membership schemes to raise additional funds for our soon to be renewed lease fund. We envisage this to be in force for a couple of years, after which we should be able to return to the true fees for each scheme assuming nothing else changes.

We think this still reflects good value for money for your membership with the BFTO.

If your membership has lapsed, then you will be invited to join again as a new member.

If you are applying to join, your application will need to be approved first. We recommend that you visit us first before making the decision to join.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the email listed at the top right of this page.