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Expires 30/09/2023

Welcome to Artmap Argyll

There are three main membership types for Artmap Argyll:

  • Full Members, artists who meet the quality criteria determined by Artmap Argyll. Full Members are also able to take part in the Open Studios event that takes place in August each year.
  • Associate Members, artists who support the aims of the organisation and who may be aspiring to be full members
  • Young Associate Members, artists aged 25 or under

Full Members who have already paid the Full Member fee can upgrade to the Full Member + Open Studio category here.

You can also support us as Friend of Artmap, this is for people who support the aims of Artmap Argyll, but do not wish to become members.

The annual open studios event is also open to local venues and amateur art clubs to open as Venue Open Studios or Art Club Open Studios. Venues or art clubs wishing to take part can join now.

  • Venues are usually hotels, galleries, museums etc who display art works from local artists, including Artmap Argyll members. 
  • Art Clubs opening as open studios are local community based amateur art clubs who use the open studios event as an opportunity to showcase the artwork of their members.

The membership year runs from 1 September. Members joining in the last two months of the membership year (July and August) will have membership for the following year.