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Racking 1x Inside (12 mnths)

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Welcome to Abingdon Rowing Club Juniors

The ARC Juniors are a great bunch of girls and boys ranging from 13 to 18 years old from many different schools in and around Abingdon. The Juniors are coached by a team of six coaches who between them have considerable experience in competing as rowers and in coaching Juniors in rowing and in other sports. We row on one of the finest stretches of the River Thames in a good fleet of boats: single sculls, doubles, quads, and fours. The clubhouse includes  a well-equipped gym with ergos (indoor rowing machines), a weights area, and floor space for circuit training and body conditioning. 

We train four times a week: Saturdays and Sundays from 2 pm to 4 pm and Wednesdays and Fridays from 5.30 pm to 7 pm (winter) or 7.30 pm (summer). During the summer most of our outings are water based (weather permitting. During the winter months we do land training in our Wednesday and Friday sessions to continue to build fitness and strength. ARC Juniors learn to be responsible for preparing their boats before going on the water and for conducting themselves safely and courteously in the gym and on the river. 

We aim to compete in national, regional, and local competitions about once a month throughout the year.  In the winter months we compete in Head of the River races (timed processional racing), in the summer months we compete in regattas (side by side racing). All are encouraged to compete with the expectation that if an ARC Junior is selected for a entered crew, he or she trains regularly with his or her crew in the weeks preceding that competition. Rowing is very much a team sport!  


It’s not all about training - we also have regular socials organized by the Juniors themselves and an annual Christmas social. We all get on well with each other and make sure that even though we are training hard, we are also having fun.

If you would like to know more about rowing as a Junior at Abingdon Rowing Club, please email or phone Kevin Mentzel, Junior Rowing Coordinator: juniors@abingdonrc.org.uk, 07766 711352. Our normal intake into the squad is through a Junior Rowing Induction course. 

**Summer Membership is by invitation and allows an early introduction for juniors looking to fully join the following season.  Those invited will be able to row once a week (day to be agreed) until the end of the current season (August 2017) with the option to then take out full membership at the start of the new season.

  • Junior membership applies to anyone under 18 on 1 September of the current rowing season, which runs from 1 September to 31 August. 
  • A Related Junior is a Junior who is the son or daughter of a paid-up Full Member of the club.
  • Junior and Related Junior membership is for 12 months from the beginning of the month in which the member starts rowing or having completed the Junior Rowing Induction course. 
  • A Coxing member may only use the club’s boats as a cox.