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(Annual) Adult Membership 1

(Annual) Junior Membership - under 18 at joining date

Half Year New Member (From 1 November) 1

Non-flying membership

Previous Member Returning to Membership

All members will need valid BMFA insurance to fly at our site.

1 Joining fee applies £75

Expires 30/04/2025

Membership requires approval

Gordano Model Flying Club (formerly AMARC)


Thank you for taking an interest in joining Gordano Model Flying Club - which was, until recently known as AMARC (we still use as our business name). We have our own private 10 acre flying site situated in the Gordano valley just outside of Portishead, onsite Toilets, charging facilities, car parking for 30 vehicles, a well-kept grass runway and planning permission to fly 365 days a year during day light hours. Our members fly model Planes, Helicopters, Drones and gliders both electric and nitro variants. We have also recently opened an off road buggy track, which any flying (or non -flying) members can use at any point they wish. And we encourage any others who may wish to simply enjoy our field and facilties to join to have access to the car park and facilties.

Joining GMFC

The club is always looking for new members, of all ages and abilities. So, if you've been flying for years, or just want to give it a try, get in touch and we can help get you flying. We have club demonstrator aircraft, so you don't even have to own a model to give it a go. We use a buddy box system on our demonstration aircraft so the trainer can take control at any point during the flight. Once you decide model flying is for you we can assist you in choosing suitable radio gear and model.

For "ground" use members (rc buggy or grounds users) we offer a non flying membership. To build this element of the club we have decided to waive the joining fee for new ground use members. If such members subsequently wish to start benefitting from the field for model aircraft use, a one off upgrade fee (set at the joining fee flying members pay) will be required, reflecting a contribution to the significant effort and financial contribution that the flying club has made to develop the flying site over the last 25 years.



Club membership fees are due on 30st April  and should be paid by then, if the club fee is not paid by 30th May your membership will expire and you may be  as a new member and as such incur a joining fee. Annual membership runs from May to April. 

2023-2024 Club fees

Club fee

Joining fee


Adult Membership




New Adult Membership




Junior Membership




New Junior Membership




Non Flying Membership £70 £0* £70


* fee to increase from non flying to  to flying membership equivalent to joining fee



Gordano MFC/ AMARC is affiliated with the British Model Flying Association (BMFA).
A requirement of this affiliation is that flying club members are also members of the BMFA. It is therefore compulsory for all members to join the BMFA which provides its member £25million third party insurance cover. For "surface" model use (RC buggies) the BMFA policy already covers BMFA members. Alternatively, rc buggy users can provide evidence of BRCA or equivalent third party cover for buggy use. We do require insurance cover because of the possibility of third party injury.