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2019 - Learn to Row Course 1,2

Introductory 2

Full 2

Student 2

Country 2


Coaching 2

Cox 2

Full monthly

Student monthly 2

Country monthly 2

Gym membership 2

Gym Monthly 2

Racking 1x Inside 2

Racking 1x Outside 2

Racking 2x Inside 2

Racking 2x Outside 2

Non-coaching Support 2

1 Expires 30/06/2019

2 Membership requires approval

Welcome to Abingdon Rowing Club


Abingdon Rowing Club was established in 1958 to exploit one of the best stretches of water on the River Thames. The distance from end-to-end is some 3,800m which remains relatively free of river traffic, even during the summer months. The club continues to build on its success, investing in our facilities, equipment and coaching support to provide a training unique training environment for everyone from recreational rowers to athletes with ambition. We are a very friendly and welcoming club.

The Club caters for members of all ages who train between 1 and 6 days per week depending upon their aims, aspirations and commitments. Each year the Club competes at regattas all over the country, with recent medal success at the National Schools Regatta, National Veteran Championships and National Rowing Championships of Great Britain.

PublicImage.jpgThrough National Lottery funding we have been able to build an extension to our boathouse. This has given the club a dedicated gym area including a weights area, indoor rowing machines and floor space for circuit training and body conditioning. 

Our primary objective is to promote and encourage the development and expansion of rowing within Oxfordshire and the surrounding area and highlight the benefits of the sport. We do this by creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, generated by the genuine common interest in the sport and the Club shared by our members.

  • 858536_639079802781624_1819443527_o.jpgIntroductory Membership (one month only) is for those who are new to rowing or to the club.
  • Monthly membership is suitable for those visiting Abingdon, or who intend to row for less than five months. Annual membership for everyone else. 
  • A Full member is an adult member of ARC eligible to row, cox or coach. 
  • A Student is anyone who is currently in a full-time course of education.
  • A Country member is anyone who lives over 35 miles away, and whose rowing activity is curtailed by this distance. 
  • A Coxing/Coaching member may only use the club’s boats as a cox or coach.
  • An Associate member may not use any of the club’s boats.
  • Unless stating a monthly rate, all membership categories are for 12 months from the beginning of the month in which the member starts rowing. 

If you are looking for Junior and Related Junior memberships please click here.